Our small-batch sauces are proudly and lovingly made in Brighton, UK.


Being a Lost Boy


13.7135° S, 76.1842° W

We feel that Brighton has a rich food history and is a melting pot of gastronomy, even more so in recent years which are proud to be a part of. We are all about serving freshly made, locally sourced tasty munch. We make all our own small batch sauces which we smother over all things from chicken to curly fries.
We aim to offer affordable quality meals in house at our Joker Pub location, takeaway or via delivery exclusively on Deliveroo.

Food brings friends together, this journey started from when my mates and I used to meet up in town sharing 6 boxes of nuggets. Food was always the main event, whether we were meeting at Maccers or getting a tuckers after school its just what we did every week. Its about bringing that experience back. Sharing stories, troubles, jokes and most importantly friendship and food. Remembering the old times and looking forward to times ahead.


never ever bland.


wings SO hot, they are cold


Born and raised in Brighton, food was life.

We want to you to come on this journey with us to a never ever bland of food comas.
Bangarang!!! -The Lost Boys